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Practice for the Theory Test

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The Theory Test is done on a Touch Screen computer at a dedicated Theory test Centre.

The address for Chatham Theory test centre is:

14-16 High Street

The test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. Most questions require the candidate to identify the correct answer from a choice of four or five possible options. Some questions will require candidates to select more than one answer. Some questions will contain pictures, diagrams or road signs.

There are 50 questions asked and a minimum of 43must be answered correctly to pass.

After a short break of a couple of minutes the Hazard Perception part of the test will start. This is consists of 14 film clips with a response time allocated by the computer. Between 0 & 5 points will be awarded for each clip depending on how quickly the hazard is recognised and the mouse button clicked. A top score of 75 marks is available. Learner drivers are required to get a minimum of 44 marks to pass. This section of the test lasts approximately 15 minutes in total. The entire test will last approximately 1 hour and both parts must be passed at the same time for an overall pass.

At the end of the test, each candidate will be told their result



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